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Do These 7 Things Before You Move

1. Reserve a storage facility.

If you plan to keep any of your items in storage, book a storage facility about two weeks in advance. Take time shopping around for a facility in a safe part of town, with 24-hour security or security cameras, and possibly pest and climate control, plus whatever amenities and features are important to you.


2. Confirm your moving van registration and/or your appointment with the moving company.

 Call the moving company one or two month  before your moving date to make sure they have you on the books, and the day before your move to ensure they have a van ready for you. 


3. File a change of address with the United States Postal Service (USPS).

You can file your change of address with the USPS as soon as you know your new address and have a firm moving date. Plus, when you file a change of address form with the USPS, you get instant access to more than $500 in coupons. That, alone, is a good reason to do it sooner rather than later.


4. Change your billing address.

The post office only forwards your mail for 12 months after you file a change-of-address form, so if you want to receive your credit card bills, you have to change your billing address with the companies, too.

Do it within the first week of moving so you don’t forget :
– Bank
– Credit cards (major ones as well as individual store cards)
– Student loans
– Online subscriptions (Netflix, Hulu, PayPal, etc.)
– Gyms or memberships (Amazon Prime, eBay, etc.)
– Utilities on autopay
– Rewards programs (drug stores, grocery stores, SAM’S or Costco, etc.)


5. Register your kids in their new school and make sure their vaccinations are up to date.

You don’t want your children to miss a day of school because you forgot to turn in paperwork. Also, vaccination requirements vary by state, as do exemption rules. The sooner you register, the earlier you can make sure your children are on the right vaccination schedule or you can qualify for exemptions. 


6. Update your drivers license and vehicle registration.

Most state Department of Motor Vehicle offices make it easy to change the address on your license if you’re remaining in the same state. 

Interstate moves require a trip to DMV to change your license and registration. Do this as soon as you have proof of your new address, because it’s illegal to live in one state and have your car registered in a different state


7. License your pet in your new state.

Dog licensing requirements vary locally, so go online or call city hall in your new home to determine what you need to do and how quickly after your move you need to do it. Some places also require licenses for cats, exotic birds, and any other pets. Avoid costly fines and protect your pet if it gets lost by licensing it as soon as you have proof-of-address.